The amount of noise and sheer volume of email clutter that plagues inboxes on a daily basis can be daunting, but the key to standing out is definitely the subject line. In this article, I share 4 tips to ensure you emails get noticed.

1. Make it personal

The valuable information you have about your subscribers can be turned into cold hard cash. This may include something as simple as their name or more detailed info about their preferences for products and services.

Less than 30% of brands personalise their emails however in a recent study by Experian Marketing Services, personalised emails can deliver a 600% increase in transaction rates.

Subject lines can be customised with names, buying preferences and other info but this can also be extended to the content of emails. Dynamic content can be delivered to different customer profiles.

Many email campaign tools can be integrated with websites and ecommerce platforms to track customer actions such as purchases. This can help segment customers by interests to further improve the relevance of each message you send and increase conversions.

2. Offer a free gift or discount

We all love FREE gifts however be careful of your subject line wording as it could send your email straight to the spam folder. There are creative ways of getting around this for example, you may say “Claim your no obligation gift valued at $20”. Discounts are fairly straight forward and can definitely be a strong selling point in any subject line.

3. Build a sense of urgency

In addition to offering gifts and discounts you can also turbo charge the open rates by creating a limited time or limited stock offer. Ensure the wording used in your subject lines create a feeling of urgency and emphasise the scarcity of your valuable offer.

4. Test your subject lines – the customer is always right

However brilliant you think you are at writing subject lines, the customer is always right. Test a few variations of your subject line to let your subscribers decide the winner. The process is built into most email campaign tools. You can run a test on a segment of your list based on clicks or open rates. Then the remaining subscribers receive the optimal subject line.