When driving traffic to your site you want to be utilising pages that are tailored to your specific product, service or customer segment. Having multiple landing pages for different products and services can help boost your conversions and reduce advertising costs. The number 1 mistake most advertisers make is that they send all their traffic to a generic home page. This leaves very little room for testing, optimising and simplifying the sales message on your page. The reason most businesses don’t take advantage of landing pages is because, it can be time consuming and difficult, to make things easier I have provided some sure-fire tips to make your page a success.

1. Headlines are Key

When developing headlines, keep in mind, you only have at most 8 seconds to make an impact before a visitor decides to either stay or leave your page. In order to keep them on the page your headline needs to include some elements outlined below:

  • The problem or solution
  • How you can solve it
  • What results you can get
  • In what time frame
  • What pain they can avoid from choosing your solution
  • What benefits they can gain from your solution

You may just choose a few components from the above list to craft a headline as including them all would result in a bit of confusion. You can also use different components to create multiple headline versions to test, each may take a different angle. For example, one may focus on the pain avoided by using your product, the other may focus on the fantastic benefit you will receive.
This tool from CoSchedule can help you analyse your headline.

2. Add Video

Video can have a huge impact on conversions, it has been shown that product videos in particular can increase purchases by 144%.

The video can help to build trust by introducing yourself or your team, it can also be the quickest way to communicate the benefits and features of a physical product.

3. Create a Limited time offer or introduce scarcity

Customers love to delay decisions, so it’s your job to push them over the line. A few ways to do this is to include a limited time offer that expires at a certain date. It may even be a 24hr flash sale. Another way to build a sense of urgency is to introduce a limited stock offer or limited to xx number of customers. Delaying a purchase can result in more expensive campaigns or you could lose the prospective customer to your competition so get them to act now.

4. Include discounts

When weighing up the decision to buy, customers want to feel that they got a good deal. Adding a discount provides another tick on the evaluation list for the customer to encourage them to buy. Also, many customers expect discounts these days and will not consider an offer if some sort of reduction in price or bonus is offered. Its best to include this so you do not alienate a large portion of your potential buying market.

5. Stay consistent across all touch points

A landing page rarely exists on its own as a single selling tool, it is usually part of an overall marketing campaign with different channels that spread the message and drive traffic to the page. If you are using email, online advertising, print advertising or other media ensure that the messaging and branding is consistent across all touch points. For example, ads may be a close variant of your headline, you would use similar headlines in your email communications and all your media would include similar branding. This ensures that when people click through to your final landing page they can see that all the components are connected and consistent. This is key to avoiding confusion and driving targeted traffic that resonate with your message.

6. Keep your contact form Short

It’s important to value the time of your site visitors, so create a form that captures only the essential information for your campaign. In some instances, you may need to segment customers to target them more effectively. If this is the case and it will result in increased sales, capture more info otherwise capture less.

7. Build trust by showing testimonials and results

Testimonials are important to validate your claims in the prospective buyer’s mind. It provides an insight into the results they may get and may even overcome objections.
Elements such as demonstrating benefits, social proof, and other credibility indicators like testimonials can increase landing page effectiveness by 144%.

8. Focus on one offer never multiple

A common mistake made with landing pages is that they try and do too much by communicating multiple offers. This not only confuses the prospective buyer but it also decreases the likelihood of a conversion by 266%.

Keep consistent with your offer throughout your landing page and reinforce it with your call to action which may appear in multiple sections of your page.

9. Create many landing pages

Build and test multiple landing pages. It has been shown that businesses that build forty plus landing pages perform much better in terms of lead generation than  those that have less than five.

More landing pages also provides SEO advantages with more pages getting indexed and more potential visitors to your site.

10. Keep A/B testing simple and avoid mistakes

There is no doubt that A/B testing, done the right way is extremely effective. The most common mistakes are explained below.

Testing multiple elements
This one is pretty obvious but very common. It’s hard to determine the effectiveness of a change if its influenced unintentionally by another. Keep it simple and test changes in different stages on multiple pages, one per page.

Running short tests
In order to get a sample size large enough to provide validity, you may need to run you’re A/B tests a bit longer. A decent test timeline would be around 3-4 weeks, even if you receive a positive result within the first week. The extra time will help to filter out anomalies and provide a large sample size.

Continual improvement
If you have success with your first test, continue to try and improve on the element you are testing. For example, if you change the image used on a lading page and it yields positive results continue to test it against other images to hopefully further improve results.

Some of my favourite tools for A/B testing include Google Optimize, Optimizely and Unbounce.

Keep boosting those conversion rates

The key to the success of any business site is having effective landing pages and continually improving these. These 10 tips will help to refine your skills and take your landing page conversions to the next level, so take the first step see those results sky rocket!